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Everyone Needs a Li’l Whimsy in Their Life…

WhimsyCo was inspired by the many joys and experiences in my life, my love of dolls and sewing, and my belief that a touch of whimsy does wonders for your soul!   Whimsy is that sweet special something that makes you smile and touches your heart. Whimsy is joyful, playful, fanciful, and quaint. And whimsy is the essence of my dolls.


Everyone Needs a Li’l Hope in Their Life!



And why is that?

Well, because hope is positive and optimistic. Hope keeps you going when times get tough. Hope keeps you dreaming. Hope looks forward to a happy tomorrow, even if today isn’t so happy. Hope is believing and trusting. Yes, hope is one of those things in life you cannot do without!
And Hope is the name of the little dolls I began making after my second breast cancer diagnosis. I’ve been so fortunate to have benefited from many of the advances that have been made in the fight against breast cancer and I want to contribute in my own way to this fight. All of the pink ribbon fabric used is fabric that gives back to various breast cancer research organizations through percentage of sales. Using pink ribbon fabric and donating whenever possible to breast cancer research has been my way of giving back to the Pink Ribbon community that gives hope to so many women… hope for a cure… hope for a future.
But quickly I discovered that people wanted these little dolls in different colors and themes for many different reasons, so I was more than happy to oblige. Hope knows no bounds and everyone in deed, needs it in their life.
Li’l Hope is small but carries a big message. With her crazy hair and big smile, she is a sweet and simple reminder to always keep hope in your heart… to always keep dreaming and keep believing that things will be okay.


And this is what keeps me sewing…

  • I received Lil Hope today. She is absolutely beautiful. She just seemed to give me the hope that I sometimes need. I can think of so many people that could use a Lil Hope in their lives!
  • Your inspirational item has been treasured… 😉
  • Very cute! Such a special little doll with such a big message! Blessings to you for bringing her to life.
  • Thank you so much for the love that you put into her. God’s blessings
  • Cathy, I got my little doll yesterday and she is beautiful. Thank you so much.
  • Thank you for bringing Li’l Hope to life. She is absolutely precious. Hope is so powerful and I’m happy my daughter will have it with her always.
  • Lil Hope arrived today! She is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! I am in LOVE! THANK YOU!!!
  • She is so beautiful. It is amazing how different each doll looks. You do a fabulous job!
  • Each one makes me smile.
  • If it’s possible they are even cuter in person. Each one is more adorable than the next!! I love them all so will have a hard time choosing the one to keep for myself.
  • Thank u so much! Lots of smiling faces because of you
  • Your dolls are beautiful and touched me in a very powerful way
  • You are a blessing to those in need of some hope and your dolls are simply adorable.


Li’l Hope
Li’l Hope is approximately 11″ tall.








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